If our machine can't realign your posture in 30 days, we'll refund your money & pay return shipping!


The MOST EFFECTIVE way to permanently restore good posture is by rebalancing your posture muscles. This is best done with highly targeted stretching & strengthening exercises.

The BODY-ALINE is the only posture solution in the world that stretches AND strengthens your postural muscles in one simple motion to correct the imbalance. It's a total time saver.

Why waste time/money on incomplete posture solutions that take forever to work? The BODY-ALINE works the first time you use it. CLICK HERE to start a 30 day ZERO-RISK trial. You have NOTHING to lose but that slouch!

The BODY-ALINE is the fastest & best guaranteed posture solution in the world!


Strengthens Back Muscles

Corrects Poor Posture

Roller Massages the Spine

Relieves Back Pain & Pressure

Starts Working Immediately

Requires Only 1-2 mins/day

"Why are you slouching in your chair right now when you could be strengthening your back & realigning your spine w/the smooth easy motion of the BODY-ALINE? Instead of that hunch. ;)"

- Robert Gearhart Jr., RN. (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)


Feel a mound forming at the base of your neck?

That's how humpback starts!

Its not too late to fix but you've got to do it the right way.

HOW IT WORKS: The BODY-ALINE dramatically improves posture by training your postural muscles to go in the exact opposite direction of your slump. This therapeutic technique is known as "Mirror Image Muscle Rehabilitation" because your retraining your posture muscles to go in the exact opposite (or mirror image) direction of your slump. The BODY-ALINE's targeted exercise motion is so effective you'll literally stand-up taller & straighter every time you use it! The BODY-ALINE is the only posture corrector in the world that treats the root cause of bad posture (imbalanced muscles) in less than 2 mins/day. Why bother with cumbersome floor & doorway exercises to correct your posture when a machine can do it in a fraction of the time?


It is the ONLY posture product in the world w/a TRUE risk-free trial!
(everyone else makes you pay return shipping - that's not risk free)


Have you tried other posture products?

Did they stretch AND strengthen your postural muscles in one simple motion to permanently restore balance?

No wonder your still slouching.------>

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Do the research & you'll find that the BODY-ALINE is the ONLY posture solution in the world that rebalances all your postural muscles w/ one simple exercise motion in under 2mins/day. Because it's so fast and effective, we're the ONLY company in the world willing to stand behind our posture treatment 100% with a true ZERO-RISK 30 day trial. No one else dares to match our guarantee - because they can't. We can because our solution really works. Granted, it may cost more than most posture products but would you rather waste the time, money & energy trying 10 things that don't work, or one that does?

If you're still not convinced the BODY-ALINE is right for you, then ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you/were you slouching while reading this?

2. Have you tried other posture products? Did they utilize stretching AND strengthening exercises to re-balance your muscles in under 2 mins/day?

3. Do you realize that your poor posture will ONLY get worse over time if not corrected; and the longer you wait to correct it, the more difficult it will become?

Your responses to these questions should be all the real-life proof you need to be convinced the BODY-ALINE is worth a try.